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Wanted - Microscopes and Microscope Parts

Having worked in a scientific environment for over 15 years in a number of different labs, I have realised that sometimes, when new microscopes are bought, a lot of the older instruments are often put away in cupboards or store rooms never to be used again. If you company or group has any unwanted microscopes I would like to offer to buy these with the aim of refurbishment and resale.

I am mainly interested in the older research grade instruments (upright, inverted and stereo) from Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica, especially those that have been in storage for some time. I will consider microscopes in any condition, including non-working items, as these can either be restored to working condition or used as spares to complete other refurbishments.

I am also interested in any individual microscope spares/parts that may have accumulated in a drawer or box over the years. These drawers can often provide the necessary parts to complete an instrument refurbishment, or may provide the source of useful accessories that otherwise would never be used. These parts may include Lenses, eyepieces, manuals, external light sources, tools and all those unknown items that are marked with the makers name, but nobody knows what they are for exactly and so have been stored away just in case.

If you are looking to clear out some of your older microscopes and think that you have something that you think I may be interested in please contact me via E-mail or please leave a message for me on 07976 240158. Please feel free to leave rough details of the equipment you wish to sell, and I will get back to you.


Alex Robertson.