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Introduction to Drug Discovery – From Idea to Clinical Candidate


The Portway, Granta Park, Cambridge CB21 6GS
18 June 2018

Introduction to Drug Discovery – From Idea to Clinical Candidate


Those wanting to gain a comprehensive picture of the science and processes underlying today’s drug discovery. Covering, step-by-step the way in which small molecules and biologics at the initial idea stage are identified, generated and modified to produce potential drugs worthy of entering the clinic. Typical attendees include science-based professionals: biologists, molecular biologists, medicinal chemists, preclinical development scientists, patent attorneys, project managers and general managers.


A one day course.


The course is a ‘one-stop-shop’ outlining the major scientific tools of drug discovery, namely:

Drug Discovery Biology


Medicinal Chemistry

Informatics/Virtual technologies.

and how these contributions are phased over time and integrated to generate a drug suitable for clinical trials.  

Based on real-world experience and practical realities, attendees travel step-by-step along the typical path.

Initiating Idea -> Drug Target Protein Selection -> Lead Identification -> Clinical Candidate Nomination.

Essential related topics including:

Drug discovery technology platforms

Drug structural and functional quality attributes.

Project management tools-Target Product Profile (TPP) use.

Key technology and infrastructure requirements.are also covered in the course.


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Title: Introduction to Drug Discovery – From Idea to Clinical Candidate
Start: 2018-06-18 09:00:00Z
End: 2018-06-18 17:00:00Z