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GE Healthcare

Maintenance and Servicing of Laboratory Equipment.




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Your Key Contacts

Role Contact  Email Phone 

Regional Program Manager

Laura Randall

0870 8504588

One Nucleus Support

Richard Keen

0870 8504588

The Smart Asset Management Services Program Provides Expertise in:

Comprehensive service

         * Corrective and preventive maintenance capabilities for a comprehensive set of analytical technologies.

    * Engineer training centers in global locations for the most up-to-date training procedures.

    * Dedicated Global Sourcing function for locating parts and consumables from almost any vendor.

    * Standardise Compliance through our qualification solutions for all your LC’s.


Decision support

        * Equipment financing, including asset leasing, vendor financing, and growth capital loans.

 * Asset management knowledge and total cost of ownership data through the powerful AssetPlusTM software.

 * Asset disposition and recovery channels to realize cash from underutilised assets.

 * Lab/Equipment relocation projects, including decommissioning, packing, transportation, installation, qualification and scientist training.

 * Backed by data to allow you to make better informed decisions (i.e. equipment down time, PM Compliance, response time and repair times…).


 * Dedicated, One Nucleus engineers.

 * Managed maintenance experience that consolidates all service contracts and providers under a single contract and invoice point, reducing administration burden.

 * Quality system development and maintenance expertise to ensure maintenance programs satisfy internal and external quality standards and regulatory bodies.

Consulting performance solutions

 * Ensure maximum operational excellence in the way we implement our programs and help you improve specific aspects of your lab operations and the way you manage your assets.

 * Process improvement using tools such as Lean/Six Sigma.

Benefits to One Nucleus Members


With dedicated GE resources, this program has a wide range of benefits that include:


         * Eliminating administrative burden.    

         * Reducing costs and improving service levels.

    * Better asset visibility through AssetPlus TM

  * Effective management and documentation of services and preventive maintenance activities by dedicated GE Healthcare resources.

    * Improving OEM contract and renewal negotiations.

    * Decreasing response times from 5 days to 1 day.

    * Hard and soft savings of up to 10% in the first year.

    * Increasing scientific productivity.


Response and fix times were reduced dramatically: the original 4 One Nucleus sites saw a reduction of response times from 5 days to 1 day as a result of GE Healthcare’s direct service.  This exceeded the contractual requirement of 3 days.