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automated ARIOL microscope

Iontas are selling a microscope/slide scanning suite as follows:

The Ariol SL50 is a fully automated slide scanning system for brightfield and fluorescence. Consisting of :

BX51 automated Olympus microscope with 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, & 40x lenses
RGB filter wheel
Kodak 2k x 2k B&W camera
Fluorescence filter turret with DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5 filter cubes
Mercury halide lamp housing
50 slide loader
Image analysis package of cell surface, nuclear and cytoplasmic analysis in brightfield
Tissue microarray recognition and splitting
2TB RAID array, running on Win XP.
Prior Proscan Stage Controller
The system works on the basis of assays and barcoding. Thus with an assay that tells the system to perform 1.25x scan of the whole slide, followed by tissue autorecognition and a 20x full scan of the entire slide, it is completely automatable. Image analysis can be performed either during or after scanning.
The system has been used on the following publications: Neesse et al. Gut 2014; 63, 974-983, Howat et al. J Pathol: Clinical Res 2015; 1; 18-32, Quintayo et al. 2014; 65; 2-8 (to name a few).

Please note that the slide hotel front cover alarms when knocked, otherwise the system is in working order.  Sold as is.

Please contact Sophie Mayle for further information,